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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Youth Ages 5-12
Private Charter Ages 5+ • Up to 4 People

Experience Rugged Beauty & Marine Life!

Join us aboard Tide Runner, a 24 foot rigid hulled Zodiac Hurricane™ and experience the wonders of the Bay of Fundy. After donning your Mustang™ flotation suit and a short trip briefing, you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Once underway, we will weave our way among the bays and channels of the West Isles. Rugged beauty and diverse bird and marine life surround you.

The world’s highest twice-daily tides stir up a bounty of food in local waters, which attracts several species of migratory whales. These include the Minke (12-30ft), the Finback (35-75ft) and Humpbacks (30-50ft), the “clowns of the sea,” and the North Atlantic Right Whale, the rarest whale in the world. You will have an excellent chance of sighting one or more of any of these species on your tour. In addition to the whales, you will likely encounter harbour seals, harbour porpoises, Atlantic puffins, bald eagles, razorbill auks, black guillemots, and other pelagic sea birds.

Additional Information

Our sightings (whales) generally start around mid-June and we go strong right to the end of the season (mid-October). Whales are migratory so we must wait for them to arrive in mid-June. Minke whales are the first to arrive followed by the Finbacks and, finally, in July or August the Humpbacks show up. Our sighting rate is usually between 95-100% once the season starts. Right whales are a rare sight that generally only comes in late September/October. We provide a pre-season trip (nature cruise), which includes sightings of seals, eagles, porpoise and whatever else mother nature will provide. We can never guarantee any sightings but I can assure you any trip on the water in the beautiful Bay of Fundy is an experience you will never forget.